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Build-at-Home Hexagon Stool

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A great introductory project for any aspiring maker. This simple woodwork kit includes all necessary components to produce a three-legged stool. A versatile piece that celebrates the through-wedged-tenon joint in a beautiful and contemporary way.

Tools and equipment needed:
Saw (we advise using a Flush Saw, but not essential)
Block Plane
Hammer and/or Mallet
Sanding Block
Glue Brush & Wood Glue

The kit includes: 1x reclaimed wooden top, 3x wooden legs, 3x wooden wedges, sandpaper, and set of visual instructions.

Additionally, you can follow our online tutorial at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Na_rtB-PAks

Finished Project Dimensions:
W21cm x D24cm x H30cm